Chairman C.H. Huang of Brimo (fifth from the left) aspires to boost Taiwan's presence in the global supply of fiber lasers
With laser technology widely applied in machining and metalworking to sustain strong market demand worldwide in the years. Brimo Technology Inc. of Taiwan has successfully worked out by itself a line of fiber lasers with output power ranging from 10 to 50W and plan to kick off mass production of a 500W continuous-wave fiber laser by 2017. These achievements have put the firm firmly within top-caliber suppliers across Asia.

Presently, Brimo has been in close cooperation with customers from Europe, the U.S. and Japan on development of low-power fiber lasers. While marketing own- label models globally,Brimo has also rose intense interest from a couple of European and Japanese clients in forging OEM and ODM partnerships, to build up its presence in the global market.

Currently, as a local industry-leading supplier in Taiwan, Brimo has just acquired a new plant spread over some 6,000 square meters in northwestern Taiwan, in which some 1,200 square meters are used to set up a CLASS-1000 clean room. By doing so, the company aims to not just attain a high self- content rate and reliable quality, but provide customers with fiber lasers that are entirely made in Taiwan.

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